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Public Service Announcement for users of Lightroom 4 and Photoshop Elements 10

Public Service Announcement: Camera Raw 6.7 is now available for Photoshop Elements 10, and supports edits made using Lightroom 4’s new Develop controls.

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Spend More Time Writing and Less Time Debugging Lightroom Plugins

Find out how my new Test Harness plugin helps Lightroom developers spend more time coding and less time fighting bugs.

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Refresher on Photographing Babies and their Journey into the World

Introduces baby photography resources covering preparing for the arrival, maternity shots of the expectant mum, the birth, and ongoing opportunities as the little one grows.

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Why Lightroom Users Should Seriously Consider Adding Photoshop Elements To Their Workflow

Users need to leave their non-destructive Lightroom workflow to complete some photos. Discover why you should seriously consider Photoshop Elements for the role.

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Accelerate Access to Lightroom Plugin Extras

Features added by Lightroom plugin developers can be hard for keyboard shortcut junkies to access. Find out how to add accelerators to speed access to these menus.

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Even Lightroom Needs a Power Nap Every Now and Then

Some Lightroom 2 users, especially Web Gallery developers, need to restart frequently to keep performance up. This script makes the restart process even quicker.

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