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Keyboard Shortcuts and Lightroom Plugin Menu Items

Lightroom plugins can add new functionality as menu items. Find out how to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly access your most frequenly used plugin features.

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Public Service Announcement for users of Lightroom 4 and Photoshop Elements 10

Public Service Announcement: Camera Raw 6.7 is now available for Photoshop Elements 10, and supports edits made using Lightroom 4’s new Develop controls.

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Easily backup your Lightroom 4 catalog on demand

Backing up a Lightroom catalog on demand is an awkward process. Find out how the TPG LR Backup plugin can make this process effortless for Lightroom 4 users.

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Adobe Releases Lightroom 4 Beta!

Adobe has released the Lightroom 4 beta! Read on for details about the major features and my personal favourites from the beta.

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Photo Editing For Mere Mortals

Photo editing your work is a practical necessity and great learning tool. It’s also daunting for us mere mortals. Find out how Chase Jarvis and Lightroom can combine to help you more efficiently acquire this valuable skill.

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Quick and easy way to back up Lightroom

Learn how I use the TPG LR Backup plugin to automatically backup my Lightroom configuration and compress those large Lightroom catalog backups.

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Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, subscription plans and the contemporary photographer

Adobe has just announced Creative Suite 5.5. We explore its applicability to photographers, and investigate if and when a subscription plan should be used.

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 has been Released!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 has been released! We give you a quick rundown of available resources to help it turbo charge your digital photorgraphy workflow.

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Capturing your Client’s Selections in Lightroom

TTG Client script was updated to support client selects from TTG’s Highslide Lightroom Web Galleries, and work around a LR2 bug causing some selections to be missed.

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Import Improvements in the Lightroom 3 Beta

The Lightroom 3 beta has begun! Join me for a detailed look into overhauled Import UI available in this new release.

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