Config Backup Plugin Updated… To Backup More Configuration Settings (Version 20090606.002)

Update: A newer version of this plugin is now available. 
Please visit the
LR Backup plugin page (formerly Config Backup) to download the latest version, and find the latest documentation for the plugin.


My recently released backup plugin helps you backup your Lightroom configuration files and compress Lightroom generated catalog backup files.  To access these features you use one of the new menu items it adds to the File menu’s Plug-in Extras sub-menu.

  1. Customisable Configuration Backups – Allows you to customise and manually trigger the backup and compression processes
  2. 1-Click Configuration Backup – Immediately backs up the Lightroom configuration files and Catalog backups using your previously configured settings, and optionally displays the results of the backup process.

Due to the vagaries of my own personal experience, namely recent Blue Screens Of Death that corrupted my Lightroom preferences file, I focused on backing up that file and forgot to include presets, plugins and other important pieces of the Lightroom configuration information.  The latest release will now backup all of these and more.

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