Easily backup your Lightroom 4 catalog on demand

Lightroom’s catalog backup feature provides a vital service, helping protect its users from loosing work due to accidents or system issues rendering their precious catalog  unusable. It’s simple and convenient to use and requires no additional software to work.

Still some users choose to go to the effort of rolling their own Lightroom catalog backup solution instead. Why? There are many potential reasons but two that stood out for me were the amount of disk space the uncompressed backups consumed, and the awkward steps required to trigger a backup outside of your regular schedule.

My TPG LR Backup plugin was created to help resolve these backup limitations. It reduces the disk space consumed by Lightroom’s catalog backups. And now it can also help trigger those catalog backups whenever Lightroom 4 users need them!

With the introduction of Lightroom 4 my plugin can now schedule a catalog backup at the next shutdown, regardless of your regular backup schedule. In fact you don’t even need a backup schedule to use this new feature. Once the TPG LR Backup plugin is installed you simply open up the File –> Plug-in Extras menu and select the new Offer to Backup Catalog at Next Shutdown menu item. Once you OK the resultant dialog Lightroom will now show you the standard catalog backup dialog when you next exit Lightroom. Simple!

TPG LR Backup plugin menu options

Currently the only other ways I know of to backup a Lightroom catalog on demand are to:

I know which approach I’d rather use to keep my Lightroom catalog safe!

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