Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 has been Released!

A Quick Rundown of Available Resources to Help You Get Started

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 (LR3) is finally out of beta!

The Lightroom team’s official blog announced earlier this week that Lightroom 3 is Now Available.  They also shared a list of Lightroom 3 Resources to get people started with the release and the Lightroom 3 Help is also available online including the downloadable PDF version for offline use.

To discover what the new release has to offer I’d suggest checking out:

Needless to say I found the release compelling enough to have already upgraded from Lightroom 2!

Victoria will also be releasing her Adobe Lightroom 3 – The Missing FAQ book and eBook soon so its worthwhile keeping an eye out for that.  Some excerpts from the book are available on her site now.

A few others have shared Lightroom 3 resource lists as well:

There are others but most include limited content beyond that mentioned in these lists.

Lightroom 3 Educational Resources

A number of the Lightroom educators have been working overtime to prepare material to coincide with the product launch: 

Of course there is plenty of (semi) official content available as well:

Lightroom 3 Plugins

The new Lightroom release has also attracted the attention of the plugin development community:

The SDK has added many new capabilities that will keep developers busy for months to come.  More on that in a later post.

Getting Lightroom 3

If you are interested in giving the product a try a fully functional 30 day trial is available for download here.  Some tips if you want to continue to use the product after the trial period is over:

Adobe Lightroom 3


I hope you found these resources useful and enjoy using the latest release of Lightroom as much as I do!

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