My Recent Lightroom Plugin Activity over at the Photographer’s Toolbox

A little over a year ago I joined forces with Timothy Armes to distribute a number of my plugins via his Photographer’s Toolbox site. Since that time I’ve made one other post mentioning updates to my plugins but have generally remained quiet about updates here, and have only announced them on twitter. In hindsight that wasn’t the smartest approach as not everyone signs up to social networks or carefully monitors Tim’s site for updates. In future I’ll try to provide more regular updates here to summarise recent plugin activity. 

New Plugins at the Photographer’s Toolbox

Since my last update two more of my plugins have been migrated across to the Photographer’s Toolbox and relaunched with updated names. They are TPG LR Backup, formerly known as Config Backup, and TPG Metadata Panels, formerly known as Metadata Panels . These naming changes mean existing users will need to manually remove the old version of the plugin when they first upgrade to the latest release of the rebranded plugin. Hopefully the new automatic upgrading feature users gain will make up for this inconvenience. 

In addition to the new automatic updating feature TPG LR Backup includes the following improvements:

and TPG Metadata Panels now includes:

Updated Plugin at the Photographer’s Toolbox

The TPG Elemental plugin has received a few updates, and since the last post here has received the following improvements:

If any of these updates sound relevant to you then please head over to the Photographer’s Toolbox and download a copy to try out now!  More features are currently under development so be sure to keep the automatic update feature active to receive new functionality as soon as it is available.

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