Refresher on Photographing Babies and their Journey into the World

I met my new little niece for the first time yesterday (hi Sophie!).  Before the visit I wanted to brush up on my newborn photography skills because it has been a while since I’ve had to deal with such a tiny and delicate subject.

A recent tweet pointed me to the latest in a series of great Digital Photography School tutorials on photographing babies.  They cover the full gamut from preparing for the arrival, to maternity shots of the expectant mum, the birth itself, then the ongoing opportunities presented as the little one grows up.  Reading though them proved to be just the refresher I needed to prepare myself and remind me of the possibilities.  Below are brief introductions to each of the articles to help you decide which ones you might be interested in.

Personally I found the posts from Darren Rowse (the editor of Digital Photography School), Natalie Norton and Candace Lindemann most useful.  I enjoyed their differing perspectives and amateurs and professionals alike should find these enlightening.

Preparing for a Baby Photographically

Darren Rowse talks briefly about mentally preparing for your baby’s arrival, and capturing images of clothing and other accessories prior to your baby’s arrival.


Tummy Time – 7 Tips for Taking Great Maternity Shots

Natalie Norton’s tips on taking maternity shots of the expectant mother.  Includes some great examples of her work.


5 Keys to Taking Beautiful Maternity Portraits

Annie Tao’s also provides tips on photographing the expectant mother.  While there is overlap with the advice from Natalie it is still useful in its own right..


Photographing Birth Scenes

Darren Rowse talks about the practicalities of taking photos during the birth and the post-processing they may require.  Not a topic I have seen discussed elsewhere.


3 Quick Newborn Photography Tips

Loraine McCall provides advice on how to prepare for photographing newborns, including posing and the practicalities of dealing with babies.  While geared towards professionals it provides a few tidbits for amateurs as well.


Baby Time: Photographing Babies Without Losing your Mind

Natalie Horton’s tips on photographing a newborn.  Her advice is applicable to amateurs and professionals alike and include some tips (bring a hat!) that I haven’t seen before and are great suggestions for common issues.


Baby Photography 101

Chas Elliott’s post is geared towards professional photographers but has some interesting tips on timing and use of props that amateurs will find helpful as well.  He previously posted an article on taking photos of expectant mums which I haven’t included in this list because it was for professionals only.


10 Tips for Photographing Babies

Darren Rowse shares tips from his experience as a new dad.  The practical experience is evident and this is a great read for anyone who will be spending a lot of time around a newborn.


5 Tips for Gorgeous Infant Photographs

Christina Dickson’s tips are a quick summary of the fundamentals to keep in mind when photographing babies.


More Baby Photography Tips

Candace Lindemann shares a great article using her experience as a photographer mum.  She discusses working with older babies and channeling that boundless energy they seem to have!


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