Public Service Announcement for users of Lightroom 4 and Photoshop Elements 10

If you use Lightroom 4 and Photoshop Elements 10 on the same system, then you need to download the recently released Camera Raw 6.7 plugin now. If your Adobe Software Updater hasn’t already downloaded and installed it for you then please use these links to manually download and install the update: Windows or Macintosh.

Why do you need this update? If you have used the latest Lightroom 4 Develop controls on an image and then open it in Photoshop Elements, it is likely Photoshop Elements won’t show all of the Develop edits made in Lightroom. Update Camera Raw and this problem should go away. It also adds new camera support and other improvements.

TPG-Elemental Lightroom plugin users: you need this update to take full advantage of the plugin when using these product versions.

Currently these Camera Raw 6.7 download links aren’t showing on the main Photoshop Elements update pages (Macintosh and Windows so users might not be aware of the release. Hence the PSA.

Unfortunately users of Photoshop Elements 9 and older are out of luck as the latest Camera Raw version only supports the latest Photoshop Elements version.

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