Keyboard Shortcuts and Lightroom Plugin Menu Items

Lightroom plugins can add new functionality as menu items. Find out how to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly access your most frequenly used plugin features.

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Accelerate Access to Lightroom Plugin Extras

Features added by Lightroom plugin developers can be hard for keyboard shortcut junkies to access. Find out how to add accelerators to speed access to these menus.

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Choosing Tethered Shooting Software for Nikon DSLR Cameras

Nikon expects DSLR camera owners to pay for tethered shooting software. Let us help you choose from the growing list of free alternatives now available.

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Enabling (Free!) DNG Support in FastPictureViewer and Windows Live Photo Gallery on Windows XP

Do you use FastPictureViewer or Windows Live Photo Gallery on Windows XP? Want them to support DNG files? Keep reading to find out how to enable this for free!

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